Live Streaming Software: Live Broadcast Your Own TV Channel

Live broadcast your content wherever you want – to Smart TV apps like Roku TV or Apple TV or any other web TV channels or mobile app.

Viloud is a live streaming software that allows you to create, launch, and deliver video content from multiple sources, and publish it with ease at a low cost.

Viloud gives you the power to create a linear or on-demand channel in minutes and embed the player in as little time as well. Or, if you wish to live stream it, get the M3U8 link for HLS output. 

For the input, Viloud Player is compatible with these live streaming protocols: HLS (.m3u8), RTMP and DASH (.mpd).

All in all, Viloud is incredibly user-friendly and you won’t need any tech skills to use it.

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Live Stream with HLS

With Viloud you can live stream your in real-time to streaming platforms and Smart TV apps like Roku TV, Apple TV or any other web TV channels. Alternatively, you can also embed our player on your website or web app to deliver the content this way. 

Host Your Videos

Have a library of content? Upload your videos to our cloud. Viloud automatically encodes videos to an adaptive frame rate for optimal delivery.

Cloud-based Live Streaming Software

Viloud is cloud-based. As a content owner, you subscribe to our service and self-manage your channels in your browser. Launch from a single to unlimited channels (depending on the subscription plan you choose,) get a customized and embeddable player, video hosting, and the ability to stream your live productions with HLS.

What Makes Viloud stand Out from Other Live Streaming Software Solutions?

First of all, Viloud is incredibly easy to use. Creating a channel, embedding the player or getting the M3U8 link for HTTP live video streaming takes no more than just a few minutes.

With Viloud you can manage both the input and the output of your channel, and use multi-format files if needed.

Viloud lets you bring all your content together. You can upload videos from your computer or add them from YouTube, Vimeo or even your own hosting platform.

Finally, with Viloud, you know exactly how your audience interacts with your content with powerful, real-time analytics.

Why You Should Invest in a Live Streaming Software?

Using live streaming software is critical if you want to stream live video. 

The platform you use will transcode the video signal into a format suitable for streaming. You can also use it to mix together streaming and recording, stream to multiple platforms, and broadcast your professional live video. 

But most importantly, such software will encode your video feed into the live streaming format you want to use. Your live broadcasting platform will take the feed from your camera format and transcode it into a streaming protocol. In the case of Viloud, you can live broadcast using HLS, RTMP or DASH. 

How to Use Viloud for Live Streaming?

At present, to live stream with Viloud, you need to stream live from your server or a third-party live streaming service. 

Viloud Player is compatible with these protocols: HLS (.m3u8), RTMP and DASH (.mpd) and you can add your live streaming output link (not the stream input URL and the chroma key) to your content. You can then embed it to your website or add it to an on-demand channel.

Another way to use Viloud for live streaming is to broadcast live via Youtube and then add your live Youtube link directly to your content.