Viloud Features

Fully featured video platform to engage your audience.

Easy to Use

Create a channel and embed the player in just a few minutes. No tech skills required, just paste the embed code into your site.

Intuitive Dashboard

Manage easily your content and channels.

Responsive HTML5 Player

Viloud Player is built in HTML5 and works on any screen size and device like desktop, iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android or TV browsers.

Video Hosting

Easily upload your videos to our cloud. Viloud automatically encodes videos to an adaptive bitrate format for an optimal delivery.

Branded Player

Customize the player with your brand colors and your own fly-logo keeping the style of your website.

White Label Player

Brand your own online player without any trace of Viloud.

Linear TV Channels 24/7

Create a linear channel so that all viewers watch the same content at the same time, as in the traditional television.


Schedule the content of your channel at a fixed time on a weekly or daily basis.

TV Guide

Viewers can see the scheduling information for current and upcoming programming.

On Demand TV Channels

Create an on demand channel so that viewers can interact with the player controls and jump to the next or previous video in the playlist.

Multiple Video Sources

Viloud player supports multiple sources as direct links to your video CDN or Vimeo links.

Social Sharing

Viewers can share the stream on social networks through a unique link. In addition the player can also be embedded in a 3rd party site.

Live Streaming

Broadcast live with an RTMP encoder, send the live signal automatically to your channels and record it for on-demand use later.

Branded website with custom domain

Create a customizable website according to your brand identity with one or a list of channels and add a custom domain (CNAME).

Single Video Player

Use Viloud as a simple video player embedding directly a video of your content into your site.

Domain Privacy Settings

Restrict embed Viloud Player to specific domains.

Content Tagging

Tag your content, add multiple tagged videos to a channel and manage your tags.


Get real time analytics with the number of views per channel.

M3U8 links for linear channels

Ingest the 24/7 live stream via HLS in your own player for your website, your apps (mobile/Smart TV) and third party platforms like Roku or Apple TV.

Ads Monetization

Viloud Player supports all key standards for video advertising: VAST, VPAID or VMAP.

FAST Channels

Create a FAST channel compatible with FAST platforms like Pluto TV, Roku Channel or Tubi.

All the features you need to engage your audience with your videos.

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