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1,000 minutes stored

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10k minutes viewed per month

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PRO features include:

  • 5 channels
  • 200 video links
  • Player customization
  • Program scheduler
  • Branded website
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3,000 minutes stored

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40k minutes viewed per month

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Top features include:

  • Unlimited channels
  • Unlimited video links
  • Live streaming
  • Player embed restrictions
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Billed annually

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10,000 minutes stored

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120k minutes viewed per month

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All BUSINESS features, plus:

  • M3U8 links of linear channels (HLS output)
  • Ads monetization
  • Priority support
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All PREMIUM features, plus:

  • Volume discount
  • FAST channels
  • SCTE-35 ad markers
  • Server-side ad insertion (SSAI)
  • Migrations / Integrations
  • Enterprise support

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24/7 Linear Channels
VOD Channels
Program Scheduler
Interrupt the channel with live content
M3U8/HLS links of linear channelsAdd-on
FAST (Free ad-supported TV) channels
Video Hosting
HLS Encoding
Video links from an external CDN
Video Player
Embeddable HTML5 Video Player
Player Customization
Responsive Player
Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
Social Sharing
TV Guide / Playlist
Embedding Restrictions
Live Streaming
Stream Live
RTMP Input
Automatic Recording
ResolutionUp to 1080pUp to 1080pUp to 1080p
Customizable Website
Custom Domain (CNAME)
SSL Certificate
Remove ‘Powered by’ from footer
VAST, VPAID and VMAP ad tag supportAdd-on
SCTE-35 ad markers
Server-side ad insertion (SSAI)
Usage Limits
Number of channels5UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of external video links200UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of branded websites125Custom
Number of simultaneous live streams15Custom
Storage1,000 minutes3,000 minutes10,000 minutesCustom
Additional Storage extra min stored/month extra min stored/month extra min stored/monthVolume discount
Global Streaming / CDN10k minutes viewed/month40k minutes viewed/month120k minutes viewed/monthCustom
Additional Streaming extra min viewed extra min viewed extra min viewedVolume discount
Self-service Help Center
SupportEmail supportEmail supportPriority supportEnterprise support

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What our customers say

Jose T.
Jose T.
Viloud is feature rich and easy to use Pros: Viloud is easy to use with a wide range of features and options like scheduling and customization to make my channel uniques and add the experience for my viewers. Cons: As your channel grows you have to constantly pay for more storage and bandwidth so that can be costly over time.
Emi P.
Emi P.
Muy recomendado Overall: Conseguí emitir mi contenido como esperaba. Cuando retome el proyecto volveré a usarlo. Pros: Después de haber estado probando otras alternativas, con Viloud conseguí todas las funciones que buscaba y sin ningún inconveniente. Cons: No he echado en falta nada, tuve una duda, contacté a soporte y me contestaron el mismo día.
Francisco B.
Francisco B.
Una herramienta, fácil, completa y resolutiva. Overall: Utilicé Viloud para añadir un reproductor de video a mi página web. Desde el principio fue super sencillo y conté con el apoyo del servicio de soporte. Totalmente recomendable. Pros: Me ha resoltado muy llamativa la facilidad de integrar el reproductor en cualquier sitio web. Además es muy intiutivo, cómodo y sencillo de utilizar. Cons: No existen contras. Todo el proceso ha sido muy rápido y sencillo
Hayden H.
Hayden H.
The perfect platform for live streaming Pros: Viloud is easy to use and it takes mere seconds to set up a live stream. We have hosted perhaps 50 or so live streams through the Viloud platform and we've never had a technical issue with the stream itself, or with the archived versions. Overall Viloud is a solid live stream partner for our education website and I highly recommend them. Cons: I have nothing bad to say about Viloud. The product is great and the customer support is quick and helpful.
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Viloud - EuTxo Overall: Soy muy feliZ con Viloud. Pros: Programar vídeos para diferdntes días con una herramienta fácilcómoda. y Cons: El programador dura una semana y limita mucho las funciones del día a día.
Kamal B.
Kamal B.
Expanding the reach of your business? Overall: Branding, Advertising, Niche authority, and product monetization through advertising. Pros: I recently used Viloud for my business and I'm extremely impressed. I have eight channels on Roku and growing several online. It is incredibly easy to use and offers a wide range of features to help create custom linear television channels on platforms like Roku and online. The interface is intuitive, making it simple to manage your content and customize your broadcast. I would highly recommend Viloud for any business that is looking to expand its reach with a professional-looking TV channel. Cons: I would like more options as far as platforms but it's not a big deal because it's on their roadmap. For me No cons
David F.
David F.
What a great tool! Overall: I've worked with their support on a minor question and they were very responsive and quick to resolve my misunderstanding of the product. Pros: It's very easy to set up, the live streaming integration to my multistream, and how easy it is to publish on Roku! Cons: I'd love to see more integration with existing YouTube channels and be able to import the videos I publish on YouTube.
Maria R.
Maria R.
Viloud as a Streaming Platform Overall: I find that their customer service is excellent and that I don't have to wait very long to get my questions answered. Pros: Viloud as a Streaming Platform will be very useful for my streaming videos to my website and my other social media platforms. I plan on using the App to set up a Roku Channel. Cons: I find that because I'm not technical, I have to learn a lot of new things at the same time and that can be frustrating and very slow in setting up my channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the end of my free trial?

During the 14-day trial, you can upgrade to any paid plan, or after the 14 days, the trial will simply expire and your channels and videos will be paused.

What payment methods do you support?

We support all major credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) and Paypal. We also accept debit transfers from US and European companies.

Can I change my plan?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at anytime. There are no penalties or fees for doing so.

Can I use my own CDN?

Yes, just add the video links directly from your CDN (.m3u8 links). In this case, no overage charges will be charged to your account.

How will I be charged on a paid plan?

With the monthly subscription, you are charged in advance for the coming month according to the selected plan. You’ll also be charged for the previous month only if you exceed the Video Hosting limits with the overage charges.

For example, in the Business plan your first 900 minutes stored and your first 40k minutes viewed per month (it is counted for both, videos uploaded and live streams) are included. You’ll be charged per month for each additional minute stored and for each additional minute viewed after that.

Let’s say you have 4,000 minutes stored in your Business account and 45k minutes viewed. Your monthly bill would look like this:

Business Plan (includes 3,000 free min. stored and 40k min. viewed) = 99
+ 1,000 extra min. stored x = 30
+ 5k extra min. viewed x = 20

Total bill = 149

Which video formats do you support?

You can easily upload videos of any length and size, we accept the major video formats including: .mp4, .mov, .m4v, .webm & .ogv.

We also accept HLS (.m3u8) video links from an external CDN.

What about if I subscribe to an annual plan?

The annual plan can be purchased for a discounted price. A monthly bill will be created only if you exceed the Video Hosting limits with the overage charges.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at anytime, but we will be very sad to see you go. You can do this from the settings page of the Viloud dashboard.

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