Aspect Ratio

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Aspect Ratio

In the world of photography and video, the aspect ratio refers to the proportion between the height and width of the image on the screen, being expressed by two numbers separated by a colon (16:9, for example). The aspect ratio is a tool to convey, in a better way, the content to be offered to the user.

Therefore, professionals can use different ratios depending on the content and their intentions. For this reason, the same aspect ratio is not used in cinema as in, for example, social media posts. Let’s see what are the most commonly used aspect ratios:

  • 1:1. Instagram usually uses this resolution to effectively adapt to mobile devices, offering a square format which is perfect for this type of posts.
  • 4:3. Being a practically squared ratio, it was the one used for old televisions and the first computer monitors, given its particular shape.
  • 16:9. It is the most popular in today’s video productions, and is used by modern televisions and screens. We know it as “Widescreen” or “Panoramic”.
  • 14:6. This resolution is usually used in cinema screens, in order to offer a wider image in which more elements can appear.

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