AVOD (Advertising Video on Demand)

Learn everything you need to know about AVOD (Advertising Video on Demand)
AVOD (Advertising Video on Demand)

The Advertising Video on Demand system offers free content to users accessing the platform, including advertising spaces to obtain the necessary funding. Unlike TVOD and SVOD, the customer does not have to make any payment, and advertising is the platform’s source of revenue.

This advertising is usually quite short, and in most cases, the user can skip it once several seconds have passed since the ad starts. YouTube is the best known platform that uses AVOD, in which we can identify these well-known ads that can be skipped after five seconds.

These advertising spots are known as Video Insert, and we can identify three main types of ads:

  1. Pre-rolls. They are played before the video, and are the most effective because it is a moment when all users are watching the screen.
  2. Mid-rolls. They are shown somewhere in the middle of the video.
  3. Post-rolls. They are less common, since they are shown right at the end of the video, when many users have already withdrawn their attention from it.

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