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We define clipping as the process of creating a much smaller video clip from a long video. Anyone can take a clip from a video, be it a media outlet, an individual or an online content creator, and these are usually no longer than 10 minutes.

Nowadays, we are used to seeing this process constantly on different social networks. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitch, all of them have different content creators who contribute their clips dealing with different topics.

Clips are currently one of the most effective methods of getting information out to the population. As they are short fragments, the content can be compressed to deliver only the important parts, and the dissemination in social networks allows it to reach everyone in a very short time.

On the other hand, content creators such as YouTubers or streamers make use of video clipping to promote their channels and reach a wider audience. The division into fragments of a long video (such as a podcast, for example), allows to expand the range of end users, as it diversifies the content and makes it more accessible.

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