Learn everything you need to know about Dimension

We talk about dimension when we refer to a characteristic or a specific attribute of the data belonging to a video. Within video metrics and analytics, this is a very important term to take into account.

For example, let’s imagine that we are going to analyze the metrics of a video, and we want to study the data to obtain different conclusions. One option would be to study the origin of the video visits, so the dimension in this case would be the cities from which the users come from (Madrid, Barcelona, London, Paris…).

A dimension can have different values (in this case, each of the cities from which the video has been played), and each of them will have a different data associated with it, depending on the results.

Dimensions are very important when dealing with and studying the metrics of an audiovisual production. Thanks to them, we can obtain very relevant conclusions in relation to users (for example, the number of reproductions of the video per user in a given area).

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