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Among the three types of audiovisual content intended to interrupt a video to capture the user’s attention, midroll is the one which is displayed on screen during the course of the broadcast, causing a pause on it.

Its main objective is to make an impression on the user who has reached a certain point in the fragment, since it is likely to pay attention to the ad to finish watching the video or movie. It tends to be effective, as it reaches users who have shown interest in the content and want to continue to the end.

In the context of video, midroll is typically used in snippets lasting 10 minutes or more, and can be scheduled automatically, or manually inserted into the content.

Midroll ads cannot be placed too close together, as the user may become annoyed and ignore the content. A balance must be struck that respects the user’s comfort in consuming each particular fragment, but allows the advertising content to be delivered without causing too many problems.

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