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MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) is an ISO standards format applied to audiovisual content. It is characterized by its convertibility and flexibility, as well as high video quality.

It is the main format used by Windows. Among its functions, we can highlight the following:

  • Asymmetric compression of video and audio files.
  • Regulation of all processes to avoid playback failures.
  • Multiplexes the visual and audio data of a video.

On the other hand, it is also important to point out the different types of formats found within MPEG:

  • MPEG-1. Used to compress audio CDs and digital video with VHS quality.
  • MPEG-2. Designed for DVD players, television stations and receivers.
  • MPEG-3. It was released for HDTV compatibility, but MPEG-2 can currently be used for this purpose.
  • MPEG-4. Combines the functionalities of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, achieving a much more flexible result.
  • MPEG-7. Provides several tools for a complete description of audiovisual content.
  • MPEG-21. Focuses on various processes for searching, storing and protecting copyrights.

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