SRT (Secure Reliable Transport)

Learn everything you need to know about SRT (Secure Reliable Transport)
SRT (Secure Reliable Transport)

The secure reliable transport is a video streaming protocol at application level that works over UDP, and is focused on signal transport. It was launched by the Canadian company Haivision, and seeks to offer a useful alternative to expensive satellite connections in the world of video streaming.

SRT is an open source project, so any company can implement and modify it without any problems. In addition to its basic functionalities, the existing documentation on this video streaming protocol can be used to adapt it to the particular needs of anyone.

It is distributed under MPL-2.0 license, and the community plays a fundamental role in its development, in addition to the maintenance and control tasks performed by Haivision. It operates with an end-to-end 128/256-bit AES encryption. Haivision’s main objective is to achieve a technology that establishes and consolidates itself as a fundamental standard for the audiovisual industry.

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