Learn everything you need to know about Buffering

The term buffering refers to unwanted stops when playing multimedia content. Buffering occurs when the playback speed is faster than the download speed of the content, preventing it from loading in real time and causing uncomfortable waiting times for the user.

The user can reduce buffering by applying the following tips:

  • Pause the content several minutes before starting to view it. This causes a larger buffer to be created, so that more of the video will be downloaded to play without pausing.
  • Reduce the image quality of the video.
  • Stop any active downloads or unnecessary background processes running on the computer.
  • Clear your browser’s cookies and cache.

In the vast majority of cases, buffering problems occur because of some inconvenience in the user’s system. However, there may also be situations where it is the provider that is experiencing inconveniences (for example, at the time of release of a long-awaited series on Netflix or HBO).

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