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MPEG-DASH (Moving Picture Experts Group – Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) is a video streaming system, adapted for on-demand or live video. Basically, it adapts dynamically to network conditions and is considered an evolution of systems such as Adobe HDS or Apple HLS.

The latter have their own video delivery methods,  creating several incompatibilities. One of the main goals of MPEG-DASH is the standardization of streaming protocols on the internet. It is compatible with HTML5, and is supported by the vast majority of browsers, with the exception of Safari. Its adaptive protocol generates small fragments of video and audio, and a file that collects the information needed to reconstruct the video.

The information provided is segmented into blocks, allowing multiple camera angles to be obtained, which can be used as desired by the user. In addition, the MPEG-DASH protocol can support HEVC, enabling Ultra HD quality video.

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