EPG (Electronic Program Guide)

Learn everything you need to know about EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
EPG (Electronic Program Guide)

An Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is a feature offered by digital televisions, responsible for organizing all the channels they offer. It allows the selected channel to search, or to obtain detailed information about the programs and broadcasts that are being made at any given time.

In addition, EPGs also enable the scheduled recording of audiovisual content. Its transmission is based on the European DVB standard, using the transport stream, and gathering information from several types of tables:

  1. Service Description Table (SDT). It informs about service names and parameters.
  2. Running Status Table (RST). Provides information about active events.
  3. Event Information Table (EIT). Provides information on all events, whether past, active or future.

The EPG is presented on the screen through a menu, where the different options available within this feature are offered. The operator is in charge of determining the colors, format and interface, which will always be designed to be intuitive and usable by any user.

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