FAST (Free Ad-Supported TV)

Learn everything you need to know about FAST (Free Ad-Supported TV)
FAST (Free Ad-Supported TV)

The term Free Ad-supported TV refers to those TV channels that are free to the user, whose funding comes from advertising on the Internet. They are usually generated from on-demand catalogs such as SVOD, and end up being offered as a playlist of content.

FAST channels are usually thematic, and we can identify two main types:

  1. Branded channels. The companies themselves offer their own content on these channels, which is a very useful tool for online advertising.
  2. Niche channels. They are usually carried by media outlets, and focus on offering directly related content in its entirety (sports, science, art…).

FAST channel helps to diversify revenues through the monetization of ads, as well as being a very powerful tool for content promotion. In addition, being content-focused on a niche, the audience obtained will be much more loyal, and will be more willing to accept advertising, as long as they receive interesting and quality content.

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