RGB Color Model

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RGB Color Model

The RGB color model uses the colors red, green and blue in various ways, in order to obtain a wide color gamut. It is currently used for the reproduction of images and videos in electronic systems, although it has a fairly long history in other sectors, such as photography.

It uses a system called additive synthesis, which consists of joining several colors to obtain a new one. Light spectra are used to obtain the results, joining different lights at different wavelengths.

In this system, we can obtain black color with the total absence of primary colors, since this would represent a non-existence of light. On the other hand, to obtain white, we must add the three colors in equal proportion, maximizing saturation.

The RGB color model is used in video reproduction through digital channels, and uses 3 information channels in total, one for each color (red, green and blue). Their value ranges from 1 to 255, and RGB images have 24 bits per pixel.

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