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AV1 is a video codec responsible for compressing images and sequences in order to reduce their size, always maintaining quality. It is focused on substantially improving the world of video streaming, since it demands systems that can significantly reduce the bandwidth in transmissions.

It was announced in September 2015, and is expected to be the video format used in the future, thanks to its contributions and advantages for the industry. Many large companies and corporations such as Nvidia, Google, Netflix, Amazon or Alliance for Open Media have supported its launch.

It has a free license, so anyone can use it without having to pay. Among its main advantages, we can find the following:

  • Increased efficiency of streaming services.
  • Offering high quality videos and images.
  • Significant reduction of storage and bandwidth in transmissions.
  • Free of licenses.

Google Chrome browser is already supporting AV1, and Firefox will add support from version 100.

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