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VP9 is a video codec, whose function is focused on video compression and decompression. It is the evolution of the VP8 codec, significantly improving its efficiency and functionality, and being designed for the compression of important resolutions such as 4k and 8k.

Google is the designer of this encoder, and it is one of the great alternatives to licensed codecs. VP9 is completely free, so any software or hardware manufacturer can use it without problems or restrictions.

The use of VP9 is recommended when looking for higher compression in high-resolution videos, especially in 4K and 8K. YouTube, for example, is one of the major platforms that has used VP9 in its processes, achieving higher quality audiovisual content while reducing the amount of storage.

It is considered the main competitor to the HEVC codec developed by MPEG. VP9 has the ability to reduce the bit rate to half the original bit rate without any effect on quality, making it a perfect technology for transmission on low-end devices.

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