Content Management System (CMS)

Learn everything you need to know about Content Management System (CMS)
Content Management System (CMS)

To manage the contents of a website or project without the need for extensive programming knowledge, a Content Management System is used. This software is quite popular when it comes to creating and managing eCommerce, as it offers many functionalities and simplicity to entrepreneurs.

In the world of video editing and creation, they are frequently used thanks to the proprietary content management systems they incorporate, representing a very interesting tool when managing a library of assets.

The best known and most widely used CMS is probably WordPress. However, there are numerous platforms designed for different purposes, so it is a type of software used by professionals in many sectors.

In this sense, we can highlight the so-called VCMS in the world of online video, or Video Content Management Systems. These types of platforms are integrated to facilitate the recording, editing and transmission of audiovisual content, in addition to offering very useful storage tools for professionals in the sector.

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