DAM (Digital Asset Management)

Learn everything you need to know about DAM (Digital Asset Management)
DAM (Digital Asset Management)

We talk about Digital Asset Management (DAM) when we refer to the software in charge of centralizing, standardizing and distributing digital files, trying to keep them constantly updated. All companies constantly produce digital assets (documents, images, audios, videos), and their management is a fundamental task.

Therefore, it is necessary to highlight its three crucial functions in this process:

  1. Centralization of files on the same basis, seeking to maintain file integrity.
  2. Standardization of files (attributes, categories, nomenclatures…), facilitating their organization and access.
  3. Distribution of the files among the companies and professionals who need them.

The content handled by a DAM must be accessible to clients, but also to the company’s own employees. In addition, these types of systems tend to be much more efficient if artificial intelligence processes are incorporated, as they save a lot of time thanks to file recognition, automatic cataloging and the use of algorithms in many processes.

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