Ad Server

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Ad Server

An Ad Server, as the name suggests, is a technology specifically designed to manage digital advertising (i.e. an advertising server). We are talking about a specialized software, accessible through a browser, which provides the selected ads to the advertising spaces of the online media.

The Ad Server is in charge of providing the distribution of the product, in this case the ad, managing the available advertising spaces and attributing the content according to the needs. These systems operate under a certain process, which can be summarized in the following five steps:

  1. The user accesses a website and registers his cookies in the browser, giving his consent to the site and to the company that manages its advertising.
  2. The browser establishes a connection with the web server, obtaining an HTML code.
  3. An ID is associated with the HTML code associated with the advertising space.
  4. The Ad server software searches for the appropriate ad for the user based on their cookies.
  5. The program sends the ad to the advertising space opened by the website, displaying the content to the user.

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