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The SCTE-35 standard is responsible for determining guidelines for the insertion of reference tones within online transmissions. Thanks to the signals that are emitted, distributors have the possibility of inserting or modifying the content voluntarily in each sequence.

These signals or tones began to be used with cartridge tapes, so that they would not be played in a loop, since they were used to signaling commands to start, stop or end playback. Today, these tones have evolved to the digital plane, and no longer represent an audible sound, but are read and processed automatically by computer.

This standard created by the Society of Cable and Telecommunications Engineers and ANSI is widely used in televisions. For example, if a local television station receives a transmission from a national channel, it allows the replacement of the latter’s commercials with others that are more relevant at the local level. It represents the most widely used signal standard in programming and content distribution control, in addition to advertising.

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